Gateway Expressway

The Gateway Expressway project will create two new 4-lane elevated tolled roadways. 

The project is made up of two components:

  1.  The construction of the Gateway Expressway, which will provide express connections from US 19 to I-275 and from the Bayside Bridge to I-275.
  2.  The widening of I-275 to create express tolled lanes (one lane in each direction) from south of Gandy Boulevard to 4th Street North.
Overall, the Gateway Expressway project will change the existing roadway system in order to enhance safety, add capacity, and improve mobility. Among the project improvements:


  • Construct SR 690, a new 4-lane tolled expressway connection from US 19 to west of I-275. The tolling will be “static,” meaning the cost will remain the same at all hours. 
  • Construct SR 686A, a new 4 lane elevated tolled (static) expressway from the Bayside Bridge (CR 611) to just west of I-275. 
  • Reconstruct existing Roosevelt Boulevard from the Bayside Bridge to Ulmerton Road. 
  • Reconstruct sections of existing US 19 and 118th Avenue North, including new ramps and flyover structures.
  • Include various improvements to interchanges, intersections, and ramps within the project limits.
Improvements in front of the St. Pete-Clearwater International (PIE) Airport includes:
  • Construction of a new airport access road parallel to SR 686.
  • Construction of a new signalized intersection at Terminal Boulevard.
  • Construction of a permanent roadway connection at Fairchild Drive north of the existing signal at Airport Parkway from Westbound SR 686.

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The project component along I-275 includes the construction of one tolled express lane in each direction (one northbound and one southbound) from south of Gandy Boulevard to north of 4th Street North. The new express lanes are in addition to existing general purpose (non-tolled) lanes. Express lanes are a congestion management tool used in urban areas across the United States including here in Florida. The goal of express lanes is to ease congestion, improve the flow of traffic and give drivers travel options.  

The I-275 Express Lanes will be tolled 24 hours per day, seven (7) days a week. Drivers pay the toll rate that is displayed on the overhead sign when they enter the tolled express lane and will never pay more than that price. Only passenger vehicles, registered vanpools, and buses are allowed in the I-275  Express Lanes. Tolls for the I-275 Express Lanes will be collected electronically using the SunPass Prepaid Toll Program only. Drivers traveling in the I-275 Express Lanes without an active SunPass or transponder are subject to $25 daily violation charge. Cash or TOLL-BY-PLATE payment systems will not be accepted in tolled Express Lanes.

For more information on how express lanes work, click here

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